Life Skills Through Boxing

Our mission is to provide at-risk youth an opportunity to develop into contributing members of society through their participation in an amateur boxing program.

What we do

Our organization provides a resource to the local community by running an amateur boxing program where at-risk youth are taught life lessons and given tools to succeed in all aspects of life. Learn More

Boxing Training

What are the benefits of amateur boxing?

Consistent participation in an amateur boxing program will have the following benefits:

improve mental health

focus on education

learn teamwork and social development

improve physical fitness

build confidence

learn effective communication skills

Who we are

Francisco "Angel" Nazario created the organization after seeing the need for a community program to help uplift kids that were likely to travel down the wrong life path. He utilized his vast experience as a boxing athlete, coach, and offical to develop the in-depth program. Learn More

Francisco Nazario Headshot

Francisco "Angel" Nazario

Founder/Executive Director

two boxers posing in the ring
Bilal Laggoune at the Rival Boxing Gym in Marbella, Spain
Coach Angel, Larry Holmes, and Bermane Stiverne
Coach Angel, Larry Holmes, and Bermane Stiverne